Where in the World is Gaspar Sancoche? Belting down belt noodles at Xian Noodle Factory, among other places.

Gaspar Sancoche

No, Gaspar Sancoche did not climb the lofty ladder to the hereafter. Besides, if he had departed this world, it would more likely have been via the down escalator. Why then, does Sancoche resurface at this particular time? Food news to share.

First of all, head over to Xian Noodle Factory at 450 New Park Avenue, West Hartford. This is a fairly new restaurant serving the world-famous, hand-pulled belt noodles from Xian, in Western China. It is a very humble, down to earth place with very limited seating. Apparently, the restaurant also goes by the name Teriyaki Noodle Factory, though there is nothing Japanese about it.  Don’t expect  “atmosphere,” only a counter and a couple of tables. But you won’t find this food anywhere else in this area. Very high quality and delicious. Limited hours. Wednesday through Friday 4:00 to 8 pm. Saturday 11:30 to 8 pm.  The reason for…

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Ghosts of Latin America: Will It Happen Here?

Transition Times

As a student of Latin America, I feel a strange sense of déjà vu lately when I follow the news.

A corrupt, shadily “elected” president putting his cronies in charge—check. An ineffective, corrupt congress with their fingers to the wind, more interested in their own political fortunes than in representing their constituents—check. Wealthy, corrupt businessmen put in charge of all the key government agencies—check. Environmental regulation be damned—check. The press muzzled and threatened for any whiff of dissent—check. And the people, oh yeah, them—they should shut their mouths, tighten their belts and work harder.

There have been many comparisons of the Drumpf era to the German Nazi era. What is less well known is how many of the Nazis fled to Latin America when the Third Reich came to an end. There they took advantage of the prevailing racism and whatever wealth and education they possessed to quickly rise into…

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Luna Rising: Calling on Women to Rise for Our Communities, and for Mother Earth — Transition Times

Yes, I am angry. If Obama really thinks that he and Trump are on the same team, then that is not a team I want any part of. I don’t want the “peaceful transition of power” if it means power will now reside in the small fat hands of that hateful would-be dictator. Women, now is not the time to shrink back in horror, to curl up and hide for four years hoping for a better champion the next time around. Now is the time to look at our world through the eyes of Mother Earth, with compassion and benevolence, but also with the fierce love that can move mountains.

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